A foundation in resale
+ A commitment to advanced material recovery
   COM2 Recycling Solutions

In 2002, Saheem Baloch founded COM2 as a small storefront electronics repair and refurbishment company in Lombard, IL. As business grew, so did the inventory of unsalvageable components and parts. It soon became apparent to Saheem and his partners that they would either have to entrust the scrap to someone else to recycle or develop the capacity to do it in house.

Not only did they launch into full-scale electronics recycling, but by 2011 COM2 Recycling Solutions became the first e-recycler in Illinois to achieve certification to both responsible electronics recycling standards. In 2012 COM2 also opened a second operation in Mississauga, ON, just north of Toronto, to service its growing customer base.

Today COM2 operates two processing facilities in Carol Stream, IL, encompassing almost 300,000 square feet; a large portion of which was recently added to accommodate the new CRT recovery system. The original resale and refurbishment store in Lombard, IL continues to service the local community and provides a drop off location for residential recycling. The company also manages a network of 45 drop off centers throughout the mid-west and another 6 in the greater Toronto area.

COM2 Leadership

Saheem Baloch is COM2's Founder and CEO.  He founded COM2 in 2001 and spearheads business planning, research and operations including new technology development. Saheem has an MBA in International Marketing and a Masters in Economics. Prior to founding COM2 he held various positions in information technology and attained both CCNA (networking) and A+ (computer technician) certifications.

Nazim Muhammed is managing COM2's Canadian Operations and runs the Mississauga, Ontario e-recycling plant. Prior to joining Saheem at COM2, Nazim worked in the computer technology field as a Microsoft Certified Professional specializing in repair and networking and was A+ Certified. Nazim now leads COM2's Canadian resale and demanufacturing operation.