TV Disposal Toronto

COM2 Recycling Solutions is your one-stop solution for getting hazardous e-junk disposed in the most environment-friendly manner possible. We have been pioneering in this field for the past 13 years and are proud to be doing so for the betterment of humankind.

Have you been bored of using your old TV set and cast an eye on a new sleek model launched in the market? Might be you still have been using a CRT screen while the world has moved beyond LED. Whatever the case be, it is the time for a change. Isn't it?

Are you concerned about the disposal of your old TV set?

Please do not be. We are just a call away for TV disposal Toronto.

COM2 offers its expertise in recycling, refurbishing, and resale of your electronic junk. Our clientele range from residential end users, industrial houses, to private and governmental organizations, all through North America.

Mother Earth is not a junkyard, especially so for the hazardous e-waste. Do you know that our old television sets comprise of chemicals like cadmium, mercury and lead? Hence, while an old TV set is disposed from our premises, it still loiters somewhere. It pollutes the environment with these detrimental chemicals, bringing up the need for effective disposal of e-junk.

COM2 provides channelized procedures for TV disposal Toronto. We understand the need for reuse and thereby ensure maximum recovery of assets through Reverse Supply Chain process.

What We Do?

End-of-Life TV Sets » Recycling » Asset Recovery » New Revenue

  • While your old TV set bids you a goodbye, we at COM2 initiate a recycling procedure on the same. This is done by the way of following a Reverse Supply Chain Process.

    • As we receive the old TV set from your end, we offer a certificate of recycling for the same
    • Concerned information is processed in our servers
    • An asset recovery analysis is conducted, before the set is dis-assembled
    • Working on a mechanical line, functional and non-functional components are sorted before the dysfunctional ones are sent for shredding
    • Usable components are refurbished and re-sold for further usage

  • COM2 also offers specific recovery procedures for old TV sets using CRT screens. We also offer strategic procedures for the destruction of old TV sets comprising CRT screens.


A Pollution-free World with COM2

COM2 works on the principle of Zero Waste, for the benefit of earth's environment. Let us join hands!