TV Disposal Mississauga

The last 13 years of our journey have been incredible and soul satisfying, for we clean what most businesses mess out with. Yes, we help keep the environment clean by junking your e-Junk off your shoulders and your conscience. We help you; help the Earth breathe.

COM2 provides quality services to recycle electronics equipment, support their effective resale and asset recovery, to private and government organizations, industry, and various institutes all through North America.

Old TVs contain harmful chemicals like lead, mercury, cadmium, etc. These chemicals being detrimental to the wellbeing of humans and mother Earth, and hence, need to be managed effectively. Hence, just junking them off in the junk does not solve the problem. Does it?

We provide specific solutions for TV disposal Mississauga. Our Reverse Supply Chain process ensures maximum asset recovery from obsolete TV sets.

What We Do?

  • Obsolete TV Sets àNew Revenue

    Are you missing the advancements of new technology by maintaining old/obsolete TV sets? If you think it is time for that old TV disposal Mississauga, call us. We, at COM2, initiate a reverse supply chain procedure upon collecting your old TV sets from you. Thereby,

    • Recording and Verifying Your Order
    • Processing the Data in our Records
    • Conducting an Asset Disposition Analysis
    • Disassembly of the TV set
    • Retrieving the separated parts and sorting to identify old/dysfunctional and usable components respectively
    • Shredding the dysfunctional components
    • Shipping the usable components for multiple usages through our network of channel partners

  • Obsolete Equipment » Asset Recovery » Creating Inventory of usable components » Repairing/Refurbishing the damaged ones » Remarket » New Revenue


How we work on TV Disposal in Mississauga?

Herein, we work on a completely mechanical line that essentially tears separated TV screens, stripping them and isolating parts like plastics, glass, copper and different metals (leaving zero waste) so those things can be sent to firms to be reused into new items.

We also offer strategic procedures for the destruction of old TV sets comprising CRT screens. In respect to this, COM2 has proudly launched a new recovery process that uses oxides and silica, found in the CRT glass, replacing the raw materials used for producing the shiny finish of ceramic tiles.

Build A Better World with COM2

We strive to achieve a Zero Waste environment for the future of humankind. Come and join hands with us, and we can do this together.